Journey of Discovery

After surviving a life-threatening illness, filmmaker Gillian Darling Kovanic has embarked upon a journey of discovery, seeking people who can shed light on the fate we all share. Her search has led to a remote corner of India -- to a society of ‘holy men’, affectionately called “Babas”, who’ve renounced all their worldly attachments in pursuit of spiritual wisdom.

The Babas don’t cloister themselves away in caves on distant mountains or in monasteries, but walk between villages as barefoot and ‘sky-clad’ mendicants, fulfilling their vows to sleep in a different place every night for the rest of their lives and be grateful for whatever food the villagers feed them.



The Babas

Following teachings that also inspired Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela, the Babas practice “ahimsa” ‘non-violence’ and compassion for all living creatures; and pursue a 5,000-year-old tradition of ‘living yoga’, meditation and studying sacred texts. With each spoonful of butter they pour into a sacred fire that’s burned continuously for more than 160 years, the Babas send blessings of peace to all of us across the world. Preparing for death and what they believe comes after, they’ve learned how to live; and have an important message for all of us.


Is there a place in our war-torn world where peace exists?

bani baba


“Everyday we sadhus of the ‘Radiant Path’, together and individually pray, ‘let there be peace and harmony throughout the world.’ With our bodies and our minds we ask for balance, no quarrels or battles. We human beings are all one soul substance and therefore we are duty bound to strive for this.”

"We must be the changes we want to see in the world."   MAHATMA GANDHI
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